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Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant

Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant

At no other time addiction is so dangerous as in pregnancy because relapse can result in congenital health problems in the baby.

Alcoholism during pregnancy is found to be very detrimental to the unborn. The child who is still developing within the womb of the mother does not have a liver which functions adequately to process the alcohol in the manner of an adult liver. The major causes of birth complications, impairments and deformities in America are the antenatal contact with alcohol and drugs. Debates have been ongoing between the medical fraternity about the amount of alcohol a pregnant woman can consume, and the debates are focusing on determining the safe limits. Rather than put the health of the baby at risk pregnant mothers should be looking forward to avoiding alcohol during pregnancy.

The foetus usually comes in contact with the alcohol drank by the mother.

Unfortunately, most women who are struggling with an alcohol addiction during their pregnancy are unable to give up on the habit despite their understanding of the potentially harmful nature of the addiction. Medical assistance is meant to be offered to pregnant ladies who are under alcohol abuse.

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What You Need To Know About Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

Babies with foetal alcohol syndrome are often found with abnormal facial features and develop mood and attention disorders as they grow older. It's not very easy to tell how alcohol affects the child in the womb since each mother and her baby are different.

Foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) is the general term for all the effects that are bound to happen. It is uncommon with spectrum disorders though that some cases are not as serious as any other cases.

FASD and its effects to the child:

  • Microcephaly
  • Cardiac and spinal related defects
  • Significantly small or dwarfism
  • B.M.I being so low than normal
  • Cerebral damage
  • Vision and hearing defects
  • Mood, attention, or anger disorders
  • Slow and even delayed physiological development
  • Kidney, heart and bone complications

The Use Of Alcohol When Expectant

There are bound to be some effects on the unborn child if the mother is taking alcohol. Severe cases of FASD can be linked to the excessive consumption of alcohol by the mother during her pregnancy.

Those women that take part in spree drinking mostly drink an average of 4 bottles within 2 hours which increases the alcohol levels in their blood. A baby is likely to suffer a long term health deformity if too much alcohol is taken during maternity period.

Data suggests that 1 percent of women drink and 0.5 percent of women indulge in binge drinking during pregnancy.

The Proportion Of Alcohol Addicted Mothers

It can be concluded that there are underlying issues for pregnant women who are suffering alcoholism. Pregnancy and substance abuse do not go together well. Compassion is crucial when handling pregnant women who have developed a dependency on alcohol.

If you or someone for whom you care is pregnant and has an alcohol problem, seek help immediately. Contact our certified specialists right away to get connected with counsellors and experts in addiction treatment today call 0800 246 1509.